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Be the Next Queen Esther

Published: Sunday, March 11, 2012

Updated: Sunday, March 11, 2012 20:03

Cookies and candy and are ushered through the door

In cellophane, on platters, or in bags galore

Children and adults from young to old

Seem to forget the message shalach manot really hold

For each ring of the door bell, less space is seen on the table

Up to our noses with chips and soda each family member must label

Every last neighbor, every last friend we must seek

For otherwise our Purim snacks won't even last a week

After the day is through, let the tallying begin

Soda, taffy, candy, chocolate and even a bottle of gin

What is one to do with all this junk?

Toss it? Are you nuts, I am not that kind of punk!

You may wish to eat it, it is true

However here is my challenge to you:

Let his year be of a whole new kind

When shopping for your Purim treats do keep in mind:

Share not with your family and friends like you have in the past                  

This year give out things that will make their insides last

You love those that you exchange with, do you not?

Then raise their spirits not their triglycerides a lot!

Never would you intentionally hurt them to any degree

Then send them healthy love with your gift, do you not agree?

Instead of cookies, soda, danishes, doughnuts and goo

Let the body enjoy actual nutrients, talk about a v'nahafoch hu!

By exchanging healthy shalach manot your fulfillment of the mitzvah would be two

For this year the Purim salvation depends not only on Queen Esther but also YOU!

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