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Why the Case of Dr. Kim Evans Should Matter to You

360 signatures, 22 months, and countless expressed concerns later, there has still been no conclusive decision made regarding the future of Professor Kim Evans here at Stern. Full story

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Dozens of Instructors Will Not Return in the Fall

You can’t go too far in scrimping. The problem with making too many cuts is that if you lower the quality of the very thing you are trying to save, then what is it you are protecting? You can’t destroy the undergraduate experience in order to save it. Full story

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Toulouse Tragedy

The Toulouse Tragedy: Adequate Response?

The question is, regarding both safety precautions and the grief factor, has Stern’s response to the Toulouse tragedy been adequate? Full story

At YU, Facing the Agunah Crisis

“Friends don’t let friends get married without a prenup” was the slogan circulating both campuses on March 29, 2012, following the panel sponsored by TAC and theAgunah Advocacy Club,“Fighting the Agunah Crisis.” Full story

Correcting a Travesty, Preventing Tragedy

The Agunah Advocacy Club

Founded earlier this semester, the Agunah Advocacy Club has already made a significant impact at YU as one of sponsors of the widely attended “Fighting the Agunah Crisis” panel. Full story

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Rav Ariel: Mending Rifts in an Age of Conflict

On February 13 Rav Yaakov Ariel, the Chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan and one of the leading rabbis of the religious Zionist movement, delivered an empowering speech to the women of SCW.

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Women of Vision

Women of Vision

On February 22, TAC hosted the kickoff event for aprogram that seeks to spotlight Orthodox women making meaningful contributions to their communities.

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Talmud and Tiaras?

Peggy Orenstein visits YU with A Look at the New Culture of Girlhood

On February 6, Koch Auditorium filled more than 200 seats with professors and students from SCW and visitors from other universities to hear from internationally acclaimed author and commentator, Peggy Orenstein.

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Empty Bottles Provide for Needy Kallahs

Anyone can make a difference in the world, not by spending extra money or donating hours of our time to volunteer work, but by using readily accessible resources that would otherwise be considered trash.

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Street Fashion to High Fashion: Bridging the Gap?

The fashion industry has always fostered an element of ambiguity. On the one hand, it's an artistic hobby of the elite, a pastime for those with the ability and connections to procure the most coveted items. On the other hand, it's an art of self-expression, accessible to all who feel they have something to communicate through what they wear. And, at the end of the day, it's an industry: a chance for the rich to sell the poor what they don't need and make it seem like it was their idea.

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E-Books: The New Way to Read

As a staunch book-lover myself – and somewhat of a purist in that regard – my initial reaction to the various e-readers, understandably, was a visceral, all-encompassing no.

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E-Books: The New Way to Read

As a staunch book-lover myself – and somewhat of a purist in that regard – my initial reaction to the various e-readers, understandably, was a visceral, all-encompassing no.

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Jewish Life Coast to Coast, California Style

To an outsider, it may seem as if a group of 20 YU students choosing to spend their winter break sitting and listening to speeches for ten days is sort of like class.

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Where Did Our Restaurant Money Go?

Many students were legitimately confused as to why our restaurant money did not renew to the full $250 amount we had last semester. It seems that this issue stemmed from a lack of communication between the faculty and the student body.

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Not Going to the Seforim Sale

Uniquely Different or Unsurprisingly Conformist?

I am currently a lower senior in SCW and I have yet to attend the Seforim Sale. Shocked? Me too.

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Your Undivided Attention, Please

Getting to know someone in a crowd is difficult. Getting to know someone with the prospect of marriage hanging over your head like a hovercraft is supremely more difficult.

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V’nahafoch Hu

We should apply v'nahafoch hu to our perception on what's important about Purim and focus more on matanot l'evyonim than mishloach manot this year.

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0.420 Seconds

The pitcher, already exhausted from pitching a full game that morning, wiped the sweat off her brow. Though the road to the championship game had been rocky, starting off with a first-game loss in the double-elimination playoffs, we had managed to play our way to the championship game of a national softball tournament. Full story

How to Add Fun to Your Workout Schedule

While some people are able to maintain a steady exercise routine, I personally find it difficult to keep myself interested in any form of physical activity for extended periods of time. After 15 minutes of running on the treadmill, going on the elliptical, or even riding on the stationary bike, I find myself bored, tired and out of breath. Full story

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Going to the Movies

Remember VHS tapes and hand-drawn animated movies? How we perceive movies has drastically changed in the two decades most of us students have been alive.

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Genotoxic Hazards of Makeup

Makeup often includes ingredients that pose various dangers to humans, which casts doubts on the benefit of makeup as compared to its potential hazard.

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Why “Ghost-Hunters” Belongs on the SyFy Channel

While shows like "Ghost Hunters" do much to promulgate the idea that ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon are real, skeptics abound, countering what they call as-of-yet unsubstantiated claims.

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Nutrition Nook

Be the Next Queen Esther

Cookies and candy and are ushered through the door In cellophane, on platters, or in bags galore Children and adults from young to old Seem to forget the message shalach manot really hold For each ring of the door bell, less space is seen on the tabl Full story

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New Museum

When Contemporary Art Talks

New Museum 2012 Triennial

The New Museum 2012 Triennial, "The Ungovernables," is the only recurring exhibition in the United States devoted to presenting young artists from around the globe.

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Five Minutes with Julia Siegel

Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Julia Siegel, SCW '13, is becoming the go-to girl on campus for poignant photography. Siegel's photos have been used by the Alumni Affairs and Admissions Offices, as well as in the pages of The Observer.

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Tzniut With Style: Six Fashion Blogs To Follow

In the spirit of Fall Fashion Week spanning all over the globe from New York to Paris, check out these trendy blogs to learn how you too can be fashion forward and bring out your inner fashionista.

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